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 This time it has good reason to do so. Other than the fact that I've been drinking nothing other than pepsi all day.

For one, I've once again dyed my hair. Which is always fun. Though I'd get more enjoyment out of it if my mum wasn't so adamant on me not bleaching my hair at home, and my dad wasn't completely against bleaching, period. But I do my best with the tools I'm given. 
I last dyed my hair in February, the day before I went on a cruise with my classmates. Good fun. Except that the colour didn't take too well and when I dried my hair after I showered I dyed the white towel pink. Oopsie. What, I was on a budget at the time, and I was too stingy to get the good stuff.
So now after a good year or two I've returned to aubergine. My hair's still damp so I can't tell if I've actually gotten a good colour this time around. But at the moment the smell of dye in my hair alone is making me giddy :D 

But that's not the reason why I'm giving into hyperactivity. No, not at all.

I'm sure many of you will have noticed a movie called 'X-men Origins: Wolverine'. Well I have, and I've been waiting for this movie to come out since before anyone even knew it's title. The reason for this is that it has something that the three previous X-men movies lacked, as lovely as they are. 
My favourite X-man: Remy LeBeau, codename: Gambit.

The only thing that I could want more would be a little, or a lot, of Romy goodness. That's Remy/Rogue for anyone who doesn't know. 
Now it's not often that I feel so strongly about a pairing. Ok, well that's a lie. But the thought of pairing one of these two characters with someone else just pisses me off. Hence my unreasonable hate for movie-verse  Iceman.

But the point is that as soon as Finnkino deigns to update their website I will reserve tickets to go see this movie. And then nothing in the 'verse will be able to stop me. (No, I haven't been watching Firefly *shifty eyes*) Friday will see the day dreams come true. I will finally be able to see Gambit on the big screen. *drifts into daydreams*

If anyone dares give me spoilers I will promptly close my eyes and ears and - hopefully - hit delete.

Seems that I am incapable of keeping things short. I do tend to ramble, don't I? Whatever. I like to hear myself talk. If you can call this hearing...

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